Startup Recruiting 101: How To Attract, Hire And Retain Talent For Startups

As a startup, you probably have to do everything yourself. That includes the hiring process for your team. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for just anyone — especially when it comes to finding new employees who can help grow your business.  DON’T MAKE EXCUSES FOR SALARY When you’re recruiting, it’s important to be […]

What To Look For In A Startup Recruiter

The talent acquisition process is a crucial part of the startup hiring process. It is what makes or breaks a company, and it can be the difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one.  With the right people, your company can grow faster, be more profitable, and be more sustainable in the long run. […]

Hire without borders with EOR Service: Meaning and significance

Talent is everywhere. Engaging with talent across the borders comes with revived benefits such as a diversified talent pool, lower costs, and access to new markets. If you plan to expand your team and organization globally, hold your horses while we introduce you to the EOR (Employer of Record) concept. By hiring a professional EOR […]

Hybrid Work – Strategies to Make it More Efficient

The last 24 months have changed everything, for businesses, for leaders, for employees. The change was forced, extreme, reactive. But out of all this disruptive change came something incredible. We learned to work in an entirely different way. Current trends show that now we are no longer bound to traditional notions of space and time […]

Employers take away from 2021 and how are they preparing for 2022.

We have already entered the third year of the pandemic. With the pandemic resetting itself, we are back at the situation of the first pandemic year, navigating the upheaval created by Covid. Returning to something resembling normalcy in 2022 is grappled with delayed re-openings, vaccine mandates and mask guidelines, employee safety, and hiring and retention struggles […]

Some employee wellness program ideas for the team working remotely.

A wellness program is a program that helps employees stay healthy or – in some cases – helps them improve their health. An employee wellness program or wellness plan is a form of voluntary health benefit that many employers provide – in one form or another – in addition to health insurance. It can be […]

How to provide proper feedback to employees without destroying confidence?

Giving honest feedback to a colleague without destroying confidence is a highly nuanced skill, particularly if some of the feedback could be perceived as negative. No manager wishes to destroy the confidence of their team but there are occasions within businesses that necessitate honesty and directness. Today’s Organisation works in a rapidly changing environment, it […]

Integrate Good Mental Health with Existing Workforce and New Recruitees.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world; we have observed a significant dip in employees’ resilience levels, mental health, and confidence in employers in 2021. Every employee exists somewhere on the mental health continuum, from surviving to thriving. It’s normal for their position on this continuum to fluctuate. However, evidence now indicates that there is […]