Finding and Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

Individuals love to convey what needs be, and one of the numerous methods for doing so is through the things they purchase. From the garments they wear to the nourishment they eat, individuals allocate profound importance to the brands they cherish because they help them structure their personalities. Understanding this idea is the way into […]

How is technology changing the face of hiring?

How is technology changing the face of hiring? Clouds in the sky, fashion on the street and technology in this digital world are things that keep on changing. If fashion is changing the way we appear, technology is changing the way we work and live. And so technology is having a massive impact on the […]

Top 5 Tips To Consider In Your Hiring Process

The Panchatantra of Hiring Process Hiring people is not algebra. We are not dealing with numbers but are dealing with people. Therefore a set of good practices are a key to making a good hire. Panchatantra is ancient Indian literature with 5 moral stories indicating five techniques or practices for a good life. Since a […]

5 Clichés to avoid in talent acquisition industry

Know the difference between right and wrong There are several aspects in life where knowing the right from the wrong has proved to be crucial. It is not just enough to know what is right from what is wrong, it is also important to know what is right from what is “almost” right. This fact […]