Career & Placement Services

Career & Placement Services

Having a powerfully written and well-presented candidate package – including resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, bio, and professional recruiter presenting you – gives you a significant advantage over other position applicants. Our talent is to help you to sell your talents by helping you with all of these areas.

Important Note

Like most talent acquisition firms, “headhunters” and recruiters, we don’t recruit people because they are looking to make a move – We recruit professionals based on their skills, experience and critical intangibles.

It is important to understand you are being looked at whether you are actively looking or not…often the thought of leaving their current employer is the furthest thing from our potential candidates’ minds! In our opinion and experience, everyone is a candidate and anyone can be recruited if you have a great match between their skills, experience and interests and the opportunity you’re looking to fill.

That next huge opportunity for career advancement or giant step up the corporate ladder may be right around the corner…

Professional Resume Writing Services

Our dedicated team of international resume writers and HR Professionals has one purpose: To ensure that your professional resume not only stands out but compels hirers to act.

Companies are no longer just looking at your skills, experience and education; they are evaluating your character, diversity and flexibility, personality and values.

We look at LinkedIn Profiles, emails, Twitter, Facebook, and all social media outlets to obtain a picture of who you truly are. Instead of waiting for them to define you, get ahead of the curve and define yourself with aPersonal Branding Statement. 

This is a new concept Optizm Global has introduced, and our job seeker clients tell us their prospective employers are very impressed! Contact us to learn more.

We will help you develop your own Personal Branding Statement, and the resume versions to best match your career advancement goals, including:

Achievement Based Resume Writing With Call to Action

Resume Writing To Pass “Automated Resume Software Programs”

Keyword Rich Resume Writing

Resume Design Strategy (Resume layout and design presentation)

Country/Location Specific Resume Writing

Professional Cover Letter Services

“A picture says a thousand words.”

“There is never a second chance to make a first impression.”

We’ve all heard these clichés before, but not many job seekers fully consider the critical importance of a well-written, specific –to-the-company-and-position cover letter, especially in today’s uber-competitive market.In short, we help you avoid ending up in the circular file like pictured above.

Cover letters are seen by almost 50% of recruiters as being as important as the resume itself, although most people unfortunately spend the least amount of time on them.

Maximize your chances of getting through to the interview stage with Optizm’s Professional Cover Letter Services! All of our cover letters are written and printed in the same style as your resume, ensuring a fully coordinated package.

Learn more about our three distinct cover letter services to find which is best for you!

Professional Linkedin Profile

Optizm Global can help. We have prepared over 1,000 Professional LinkedIn Profiles with great success.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool to reach a large audience and advance your career through on-line marketing. However, LinkedIn limits your profile summary to 500 words, or approximately 1 minute of read time. Can you reduce your entire career to one minute in a powerful and persuasive manner?

Download our LinkedIn Professional Profile Writing article and learn more about how we can dramatically increase your online exposure and attractiveness – and chances of getting your dream job – for just $250.

Our approach ensures the achievement of five key objectives:

Entertaining & Informative: We make sure your readers never lose interest.

The WOW Factor: Creative and impactful writing that stands out and impresses.

Relatability & Pain-Solving: Solve your reader’s pain points by selling yourself as a value-added, results driven professional.

Uniquely You: Communicate your philosophy, work ethic, personal values, core competencies and hands-on experience succinctly.

Provide Proof: State specific results of your relevant work experience.

Active Job Seekers

The POWER of Proactive Search

Job hunting: A phrase that conjures up bleak images of firing off résumés into a void, only to have to wait, and wait, and wait, blindly for a catch…

Sound familiar? Let Optizm Global help.

Whether you’re a fresh college graduate or a seasoned professional, a military veteran transitioning back into the workforce, or just someone, like so many, who is between jobs, Optizm Global can help you catapult yourself to your next position!

Active job searching occurs when someone currently needs a new job.

Active job seekers represent about 25% of the fully-employed workforce and it is from here that many of the open positions are filled with those actively seeking new opportunities

However, more and more employers have moved toward proactive candidate sourcing due to the high volume of response received by largely unqualified individuals. Companies simply lack the bandwidth to sort through and screen hundreds or even thousands of resumes to find a few ideal candidates.

This is where we can help. Peruse our Employer Openings page, browse our Career Services page, or contact us today on how we may help you! Learn more about our three distinct cover letter services to find which is best for you!

Passive Job Seekers

Passive job searching occurs when someone currently employed is open to hearing about new career opportunities, but does not actively seek out and apply for specific positions. In passive job searching, the employed worker waits for employers to contact them. This group accounts for about 60-75% of the workforce at any given time. Chances are that you fall into this group too!

With at least 60% of the workforce not looking for a new job, but willing to discuss a new opportunity, proactive sourcing has become one of the most widely used means to find candidates by recruiting agencies, talent acquisition firms, headhunters and even employers themselves today.

What is the status of your personal and professional branding online today? Are you positioned to be found and seize that great job opportunity when it comes your way?

For a low monthly fee, Optizm Global helps Passive Job Seekers to:

Maintain & Update LinkedIn Profile.

Maintain & Update Professional Resume

Job Alerts: We will manage your job alerts on prime job portals (general and industry-specific) and will send you the customized report on a monthly basis.