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People place their undivided trust in healthcare professionals. At Optizm Global, we identify well qualified healthcare professionals for the right place, at the right time. Optizm Global provides superior services to both clients and candidates, offering the most effective recruitment solutions for healthcare professionals in all medical sectors!

  • Both client and candidates should immediately understand who we are- we are Healthcare Recruiter!
  • We have resources who are interested in working in the Healthcare Industry

Using a proven combination of traditional and modern recruitment techniques, Optizm Global Healthcare Recruitment provides a swift and efficient recruitment solution saving time, money and most importantly hassle. Our dedicated staff have a passion for the industry, expert knowledge and a desire to offer the highest level of service through forging and nurturing key client relationships.

We at Optizm Global strive to cater needs of healthcare professionals across healthcare industry. We specialize in providing permanent, contract and temp staffs in following categories:

Medical Director
Doctors – MDs, Peds, OB-Gyn & Specialists
Hospital & IMO Executives
Clinical Program Director
Primary Care Physician
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Respiratory Therapist
Registered Nurse
Clinical Laboratory Scientists
Nurse Practitioners
Advance Practice Nurses
Physical Therapists & Assistants
Speech Language Pathologists
Family Therapist
Respiratory Therapists
Rehabilitation Therapists
Occupational Therapists & Assistants
Health & Wellness Specialist
Registered Nurses, LPNs
Nursing Support
Clinical Tech
Case Manager
Admission Counsellor
Operations Manager
First Responders
Outreach Specialist

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Information Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare industry has advanced by ending communications across different channels and technology. These channels are Smart phones, Tablets, Social Media. Healthcare organization are investing more than 70% in consumer facing mobile apps, wearables, remote monitoring tools, and virtual care. Healthcare organisations are managing their data with routine operational IT.

Why IT Required in Healthcare

  • Easy tracking of patient’s information.
  • Improve response time which ensure quicker care.
  • Patient can self-monitor their wellness.
  • Doctor can access patient’s record at anytime, anywhere.

We also recruit Healthcare IT Resources, some of the typical job titles are:

Chief Information Officer
Data Architect
Chief Technology Officer
HIPPA Consultants
Data Security
EHR Implementation Specialist
Chief Information Security Office
Software Engineer
E H R Implementation Specialist
Portal Technology Resources
Electronic Material Management
Picture Archiving
Data Intelligence
Systems Analyst
Programmer Analyst
Software Developer
EDI Specialist
Data Quality Analyst
Quality Assurance
DevOps Engineer

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