Devops Recruiting Services

Optizm Global specializes in DevOps recruitment, assisting companies with DevOps professionals across a range of industries. Our DevOps specialists come from strong infrastructure backgrounds and have chosen to specialize in this exciting new area.

We provide resources for all areas including Big Data and Data Analytics, and have expertise in Azure, Chef, Puppet, Octopus Deploy, Atlassian, Circle CI, Clarive, Docker, Electric Cloud, GitHub, GitLab, Google Cloud, HashiCorp, and Oracle.

Devops Recruiting Services

DevOps skills are highly sought after by technologically progressive organizations. DevOps engineers play a crucial role in cloud and infrastructure development, bridging the gap between operations and development teams and reducing development cycles.

Key Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer:

What Do We Offer?

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Why Choose Optizm Global

At Optizm Global, our Cloud & Infrastructure Practice is dedicated to resourcing talent for cloud and infrastructure projects. This specialization allows us to understand staffing requirements and match them with our extensive network of technology professionals.

Whether you need a qualified DevOps Engineer or Architect for your project or are a DevOps expert looking for your next challenge, our team is here to assist you.

Our team of DevOps Cloud & Infrastructure recruitment specialists is eager to understand your challenges and help you succeed.

With Our Strong Heritage In IT Recruitment, We Can Help You In Find

What We Ensure

AWS DevOps

Specializes in utilizing Amazon Web Services to implement and manage DevOps practices, optimizing cloud infrastructure for efficient and scalable operations.

Azure DevOps

Focuses on integrating Microsoft Azure services to streamline DevOps processes, enhancing development and operational workflows within the Azure ecosystem.

DevOps Engineer Jobs

Involve using technical skills to bridge development and operations, employing various DevOps tools to automate processes, reduce failures, and improve deployment speed.

DevOps Architect Jobs

Require strategic vision to design and implement DevOps practices, guiding teams, defining processes, and ensuring efficient and effective project delivery.

DevOps Consultant Jobs

Provide expert advice and guidance on DevOps practices, helping organizations optimize their development and operational processes, and ensuring best practices are followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud experience along with development tools such as AWS, Azure, and GCP is common. Speak to our DevOps consultants at +91 -20-26631132 for a detailed picture.

We work with technology consultancies, MNCs, Government departments, & Private entities.

Our structure of technology practices and niche teams ensures our consultants are experts in their fields, knowing the market and the best talent available.

We shortlist only the most carefully referenced candidates, matching them to your requirements and considering factors like culture, location, and aspirations. Our reputation is built on successful placements for both candidates and clients.

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