Sitecore Recruiting Services

Optizm Global offers comprehensive Sitecore development services through our skilled team of certified professionals. Our offerings include Sitecore development, consulting, integration, testing, upgrades, and more.  

We cater to various engagement models such as staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and full outsourcing to meet your specific needs. 

Why Hire Sitecore Developers from Optizm Global?

Certified Expertise: Our team includes Sitecore certified developers and a four-time Sitecore MVP. 

Advanced Tool Proficiency: Skilled in using Sitecore JSS, SXA, CLI, and Connect. 

Version Mastery: Hands-on expertise in multiple versions of DXP and SaaS Sitecore solutions. 

Technological Savvy: Experienced with MACH, Jamstack, and other modern tech trends supported by Sitecore. 

Our Services

Sitecore Consulting

Our consultants audit your existing solutions and help plan your future Sitecore projects.

Sitecore Development

We provide dedicated professionals for fast, quality, and affordable Sitecore Commerce or CMS development.

QA and Testing

Our QA experts ensure your Sitecore solution offers flawless UX and resilience to traffic spikes.

Sitecore Integration

Our developers integrate your Sitecore solution with existing IT systems.

Sitecore Upgrade and Migration

Upgrade to newer Sitecore versions or migrate to other Sitecore products for enhanced features and performance.

Support and Maintenance

Our proactive team ensures continuous performance optimization, security monitoring, and user issue resolution.

Our Sitecore Developers

Junior Sitecore Developer

  • Foundational knowledge of Sitecore.
  • Proficient in basic Sitecore development.
  • Capable of implementing simple features and working on complex projects with guidance.

Middle Sitecore Developer

  • Skilled in advanced features, customization, and integrations.
  • Handles medium-sized projects independently.
  • Provides technical guidance to junior developers.

Senior Sitecore Developer

  • Extensive expertise in Sitecore development and architecture.
  • Proficient in optimizing performance and ensuring scalability.
  • Offers technical leadership and mentoring.

Lead Sitecore Developer

  • Expert in Sitecore architecture and complex implementations.
  • Leads development teams and strategic decision-making.
  • Ensures high-quality deliverables.

Sitecore Architect/Consultant

  • Designs enterprise-level Sitecore solutions.
  • Analyzes business requirements and creates architectural strategies.
  • Oversees project implementation for alignment with industry standards.

We Can Help You Find

Hiring Process

Initial Request: Contact us to discuss your Sitecore needs. 

CV Screening: We select and share CVs of the most fitting candidates. 

Interviews: Screen CVs, select candidates, and schedule interviews. 

Contracting: Finalize your choice and sign a cooperation agreement. 

Hiring Models

Staff Augmentation Our developers join your team temporarily, working as part of it for as long as needed. 

Dedicated Team We build a team specifically for your Sitecore project, collaborating with your BA, QA, DevOps, PMs, or POs. 

Full Outsourcing We take full responsibility for delivering your Sitecore project from start to finish. 

Benefits of Sitecore Staffing with Optizm Global

Scale Faster: Access Sitecore MVPs and Certified Developers for any project size.

Fresh Perspective: Our developers bring expertise across various industries.

Increase ROI: Maximize cost efficiency by reducing recruiting cycles, training, and overhead.

Enhanced Efficiency: Fresh insights can improve customer experience.

Accelerate Timelines: Meet deadlines and enhance team performance.

Onshore Developers: Benefit from clear, concise, and responsive communication.

Steps to Hire Dedicated Sitecore Developers

  • Speak Out Your Requirements and Expectations
  • We Filter & Put Forward the Most Suitable Candidates
  • Screen, Interview, & Test to Pick the Best
  • Seamless Onboarding and Swift Task Assignment

Ready to take your Sitecore projects to the next level? Contact Optizm Global today to find the right talent for your needs. 

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